[[image:PICT0017.JPG|Skid of approximately 400 birdhouse kits ready for shipment.]]
For orders over 400 kits (Large Volume Buyer)
For orders over 20 and under 400 kits (Small volume)
For orders under 20 kits (Individual Consumer)
You can currently purchase our product in Canada at most Home
Hardware and Rona banner stores.  If you wish to order a
minimum of three kits from us direct, please
contact us and we
will quote you on shipping costs.  See also, our
consumer page for pricing.
Canada Post or courier collect.  We can also send LTL on transport
truck for larger orders.  Each order will be looked at for the best
and most economical way to ship and a quote will be provided to
     To order, please
send us an email with your inquiry and or
quantity of kits and what styles you would be interested in
ordering.  From there we can calculate shipping costs and lead time
for your order.  See also, our
"small volume buyer's" page for
Ordering Instructions
We have the capability to ship thousands of kits to you.  Each new buyer's
location will be analysed to determine the best and most economical
shipping method.  We work with buyer's programs to intergrate our
product into your lines.

Please send us your inquiries along with your location and predicted
ordering quantities, using our "
contact us" page.  Or email us.
We look forward to doing business with you.  
Please view our large
large volume buyers page for more details and prices.
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