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* for orders OVER 400 kits, please see large volume buyer's page.
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* for orders OVER 20 kits, please see small volume buyer's page.
(up to 20 kits)
Cathedral Birdhouse Kit
$4.99 each
*Prices are all in Canadian currency and  do not include shipping
See our
"products" page for weights and dimensions
Suburban Birdhouse Kit
$4.49 each
Treehouse Birdhouse Kit
$4.49 each
Triplex Plus Birdhouse Kit
Coming Soon
Triplex Birdhouse Kit
Coming Soon
Bat House
(fully-assembled, not a kit)
$19.99 each
The attractive price alone sells our product.  It is inexpensive and unique.  A broad range of consumer
buys our kits.  Adults buy for children, and for themselves.  Teachers buy for schools.  Guide leaders and
other children's groups buy for their kids.